Cork Cognitive Therapy is a dedicated Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic (CBT) practice operating to the highest international evidenced based standards and protocols. Our philosophy is simple, find out from research what works and why, then utilise or develop a CBT programme so that the research can be applied and use the results to inform best practice.

CBT as practiced at Cork Cognitive Therapy is a short term, solution focussed therapy. Short term means 10-20 sessions (depending on the problem) normally delivered weekly. The solution focus involves some looking back to see how you got to where you are today and to tease out your beliefs, assumptions and rules for living. Once the problems and goals for therapy are set, we go on to psycho education and breaking the maintaining cycle of the problem. Within sessions the client and therapist are a team that work together in a collaborative manner.

At Cork Cognitive Therapy services are open to both adults and adolescents. The practice is particularly interested in relapse prevention and extending therapy out into the community. Finally, we consistently look for evidence that what we are doing is working. This involves psychometric testing and qualitative accounts from the client.