Parenting is often a thankless and difficult task and parents are under increasing pressure on many fronts but are still expected to turn out the perfect child.

We know from research that children's physical, emotional, social and cognitive development greatly depends on their family. However, the traditional family that many parents experienced in their own youth has changed considerably and it could be argued that the pace is increasing.

Societal changes

Societal changes involving the family are seen in the decline of the traditional and the rise of new types of families such as cohabiting couples, single parent families, second marriages and families, step brothers and sisters, split parenting and recently gay marriage.

All of these family types have the potential to excel, but they face new challenges that become evident as children grow up.

The Nature of Problems

When you consider the nature of problems that parents and children can encounter and the implicit assumption that you as the parent should be able to deal with it, it is amazing that any of us make it to adulthood intact.

The fact is you cannot be skilled in all the problem areas you may encounter because you may have never experienced it in your own life. What experience have you of sorting addiction to technology, or of substance abuse, or how to prepare you children for a contentious separation or divorce?The world continues to invade our homes with new challenges and demands and at the same time the expectation of achieving success that we place on our children becomes a heavier burden.

How can CBT help?

Maintaining a positive relationship with your child can become a challenge. CBT will provide an objective and systemic platform from which effective change can be managed. When you as a parent are in the middle of a situation it's often difficult to see the wood from the trees. Parenting means love, and wanting the best for your children, that is not in question, the question is how to achieve it in a mutually beneficial way.

A systemic approach allows one one to see how you have arrived at a particular moment in your life, it allows one to view the sequence of events that have led to particular problems and situations and crucially to examine what maintains them.When you know what maintains them you can them break the cycle and achieve positive change!