Confidentiality is extremely important and as far as possible we will strive to protect and maintain client confidentiality. However, it is not possible to provide absolute confidentiality, and in certain circumstances it may be necessary to break confidentiality. A breach of confidentiality will be deemed necessary under the following circumstances:

  • The client indicates that he/she is a serious risk to self

  • The client indicates that he/she is a serious risk to someone else

  • The client indicates a situation where a minor or a vulnerable
    person is at risk

  • The client records are subpoenaed by a Court of Law

From time to time it may be necessary to share information with therapeutic supervisors. In these circumstances the client identifying information will not be shared, unless it is necessary by virtue of the above. Information exchanged in these circumstances will be on a need to know basis. At all times and in all circumstances information pertaining to or generated by the client will be treated with the upmost respect. When electronic recording is utilised, the data will be collected an maintained in accordance with data protection legislation.