The first session is about gathering information. It might take a few sessions to fully understand your situation and concerns, and to determine the best course of action. During assessment you will be asked for:

  • Basic personal information

  • A history of your physical, emotional and mental health together with your experience of medication

  • Information pertaining to potential risks

  • Information regarding previous therapy you may have engaged in

  • Family history

  • Current life circumstances

  • Supportive factors

  • Other relevant areas that may arise

Once this stage of the assessment is complete a problem list is drawn up. This list contains all the problems you can possibly envisage in your life. These problems are then sorted in categories and given a rating which is based on importance to the client. A goal list naturally follows from the problems list and the goals will determine the direction of therapy.

The first few sessions are also an opportunity for you to get to know the therapist. This is important as a good match will lead to more effective outcomes.