If you are asking this question here are some things to consider:

  • Are you concerned about thoughts, feelings or a behaviour and to what extent?

  • Behaviour in this context is about change. Change could mean doing something new, which you don't want to do, or giving up something that you do want or need to do. Consider the intensity of the problem and whether it is getting worse with time.

  • Have you tried to stop or reduce the problem on your own and if so how successful have you been?

  • Do you find that you are relying on friends and family more because of the problem?

  • Is it becoming more difficult to cope?

  • Is the problem in every area of your life?

  • Has your life changed significantly for the worse because of this problem?

  • Are you having difficulty concentrating or are you permanently tired?

  • Have you talked to friends/family about it?

  • Have you been to your Doctor?

  • Have you researched the problem?

This is meant to give you an indication of what you should be looking at. It is difficult to determine whether or not you need CBT based on some questions on a webpage. The bottom line is this - If in doubt, GO! Even one session will answer your question.